It's Spring Break 2015 in Blacksburg and the 2-0 Hokie lax team packed up the wagons and took the show to the Lone Star State for some highly anticipated match-ups.
Help us to welcome Gonzaga goaltender Gaelen Murray into The Pack as our newest Wolf of the MCLA. This leader from Portland, has earned the PNCLL respect.
It's time to get caught up with the MCLA by checking out this super post full of the hottest club lacrosse videos, photos, polls & more!
Welcome converted long pole and captain of the Minnesota Gophers Steve Van Sloun to The Pack as our newest Wolf of the MCLA!
Last weekend the Hokie lacrosse team from Virginia Tech kicked off their 2015 campaign on the road against Davenport and Miami in Ohio!
Our resident Brit Abroad, Fred Larsson, takes us into the first three games of his MCLA career in Long Beach!
Let's welcome Wolf of the MCLA Trey Scott from UCLA to The Pack as this faceoff specialist and midfielder has his sights set on the MCLA tournament.
Let's welcome Wolf of the MCLA Andrew Wenzl to The Pack as this captain has big plans for leading his Montana Griz squad to the MCLA tournament.

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