It's unofficially D1 Bowl Week on the In Your Face LaxCast! Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers go deep this week on D1 lacrosse, and a TON of big games.
Johns Hopkins vs. Maryland - Many call it greatest rivalry in NCAA lacrosse. Here's an up close look at The Rivalry!
a behind-the-scenes look at the entire trophy fabrication featuring #TheRivalry trophy.
Playing with energy and urgency from the start, the UAlbany Great Danes cruised to a 17-8 victory over the Saints from Sienna College. Enjoy the highlights!
Dylan and Riley Donahue are making names for themselves on the Syracuse Orange men's and women's lacrosse teams this season...
May lacrosse is almost upon us, and that means conference tournaments, selection drama, and then one heck of an NCAA D1 men's tournament.
I'm calling an audible for the 2016 D3 Lacrosse Poll... instead I'm talking about the Top FOUR teams in the North and South! Who is a D3 contender now?
It's Conference Tournament time!!! Ok, it is really only conference tournament time for some schools, but everyone is thinking conference tourney RIGHT NOW.

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