Talk about a great week of NCAA D1 lacrosse games! It was our first full week of games, which means that almost everyone has played at least once.
RealPOLLitik is the idea that polls should reflect what teams have actually done. We're entering the glorious and confusing time when this is possible.
Filling out a serious poll is incredibly hard. But that doesn't matter because it's early, we're going to have some fun, and it's going to be a good time!
We still don't have everyone in the NCAA D1 world playing yet, but there is still some really great lacrosse being played! It's D1 time!
Garth Appelt (Virginia) and Tim McGeeney (Loyola) join RD and AT for a Saturday episode of IN YOUR FACE. The boys discuss today's games and assert their picks no matter how they compare to Lacrosse Vegas Lines.
Freshman midfielder Nick Wendel of Las Vegas, Nevada, scores the first ever goal in history of the Cleveland State Men's Lacrosse program.
We are now officially into college lacrosse season as 2017 NCAA D1 Lacrosse started strong with 11 games, and these games did not disappoint!
Another day, another lax cast! Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers host IN YOUR FACE Lax Cast, the first and only (read: hopefully not for long) free lacrosse television show accessible on any device! From smartphones to tablets and everywhere in between,...

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