You might drop a game in March, but there are no fools in April. This is the biggest month of NJCAA lacrosse action before playoffs start up in early May.
The JuCo Report is back with Top 10 excitement, close games, and OCC losing? OCC lost another game of lacrosse, just not on the men's side!
When Nassau wins and OCC loses, it's a big deal! Heading into last Saturday's tilt, OCC had won 107 straight games, so this is a BIG time win for Nassau!
Today's JuCo Report focuses on some interesting NJCAA early season trends for 2016. Who's UP, who's DOWN, and who's shocking the world right now?
The JuCo Report is celebrating because the 2016 NJCAA lacrosse season is now in full swing, with teams up and down the east coast playing games, and giving us tangible results.
We've seen VERY Few NJCAA Games. Sad face. While the NCAA lacrosse world is alive and kicking, NJCAA lacrosse is just now stirring from its winter slumber.
Here we are again, with Onondaga sitting atop the NJCAA polls and the rest of the JuCo world wondering they can knock the Lazers down a couple pegs.
How Hard Is It To Play College Lacrosse? It's a fair question, and one I get asked quite a bit. The short answer is: it's hard. Read on for the long answer!

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