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Read the article first, THEN respond! The more field lacrosse I watch each year, on both the men's and women's side, the more I think crosschecking should be legalized for both games.
We've been churning out JuCo Report coverage even though we haven't had a ton of results to talk about, but all that changes now!
This week's lacrosse poll is so super duper serious it's not even funny. To be fair, it's NEVER funny, but that's neither here nor there.
The 10th annual Pac-12 Shootout took over the campus of UCLA to get the 2017 MCLA started. Here's how the weekend shook out!
The Run DMC I'm referring to? Dylan Maltz, Matt Rambo, and Colin Heacock: three attackmen at Maryland.
February is now over but some stars are already shining in 2017! Mac O'Keefe, Richie Loftus lead the In Your Face Awards to close the month!
In Your Face LaxCast covered the Lax Vegas Lines for Week Five, Wednesday (3/1) through Sunday (3/5). Here's your D1 lacrosse odds for the weekend!
We hope you're prepared for the first NCAA Lax Video Explosion of 2017! We waited until March to start dropping the good stuff.

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