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The Marquette Golden Eagles men's lacrosse team is off to the program's best start in their 3 year history. Already 5-0, 2015 marks the first time the team has ever won their opening game, had a winning record and obviously the first time with any sort of undefeated record.
We saw some GREAT games this past weekend. If you missed UNC- Denver, Cuse-UVa, Harvard-Duke, OR Hop-Princeton, you missed out. We're here to save you!
There is a new top team in men's D1 lacrosse this week, and it's no longer Denver! We still have plenty of undefeated teams and lots of big games to go!
Face-off rules have taking an extreme level of scrutiny over the last few years as some coaches believe that the idea of jamming the ball in the back of the stick to pick it up is removing some of the true skill that lacrosse is known for.
Check out the stick Myles Jones used to average over 4.5 points per game through his last 11 games in Duke's 2014 championship season.
If you're a JuCo player, the lacrosse season starts NOW! Welcome to our weekly JuCo Report post where we talk about the world of NJCAA Men's Lacrosse!
Our resident Brit Abroad, Fred Larsson, takes us into the first three games of his MCLA career in Long Beach!
Welcome to a BONUS Lacrosse Video Explosion! There is more great lacrosse video out there now than ever before. Here is the BEST weekly lacrosse video!

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