Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews
StringKing has been producing some of the most popular mesh on the market. They are the mesh supplier for multiple top programs throughout the country. They have recently released their goalie mesh known as Grizzly Mesh. It is supposed to be the lightest on the market and perform at a high level during any weather scenario. No one really knew how good this mesh was going to be. Would it change the game? How would the lightness of the mesh affect it? Is it more or as consistent as other top goalie mesh?
Instead of publishing a new Tie Up Tuesday installment this week, we decided to take a step back and let the audience speak for The Hawk. This is our way of giving a shout-out to all of our awesome 382 Crew members and everyone else who took the time to put their thoughts on our debut lacrosse head on video.
From outfitting Team Uganda at the World Games to going big at #LaxCon 2015, Original Renegade has entered the marketplace of lacrosse apparel and people are taking notice.
We take a look into Player X Apparel, the up and coming lacrosse clothing company offering edgy looking high quality goods at affordable prices.
I take a comprehensive look at the TRADiTREE, a small $15 tool that is taking the traditional stringing world by storm.
Epoch Lacrosse owner James Miceli steps into Studio 22 to Tie Up The Limited Edition 382C Hawk.
Rob has been killing it with the New York Lizards and with Team USA this summer, so I was stoked to try out the same head RP3 himself has been rocking in 2014. I wasn't sure what to expect with this head. Would it be strong like Rob? Flexible for attack? More of the same? Something new?
Under Armour Lacrosse sent over their new Judgement head for me to check out and this piece of plastic is some serious hardware.

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