A closer look at week 13 immediately followed by what’s going down in week 14. It's the extremely rare Major League Lacrosse Super Post from the one and only Chris Rosenthall!
Timo Samson brings you an update on the 2014 Den Haag Beach Lacrosse Tournament, which is held annually in the Netherlands. This is a great example of the lacrosse community growing in Europe, and a decade ago, this event did not exist.
In Belgium’s first ever World Lacrosse Championship game, they were matched up against “big brother” Germany. It was a good start for the Germans whose former coaching roster vacated the program as they were upset at Germany’s exclusion from the Blue Division in order to reinstate the Iroquois.
The past two days have been filled with lacrosse all day. On the 10th, our day was consumed with preparation for the opening ceremony. The FIL put on a great display of all 38 countries participating and made every team proud to recognize where they’re from. Following the ceremonies, the Chinese players studied the USA vs. Canada game and hoped to learn from the world’s best players.
Since my significant other is an English major, I tend to find myself in bookstores more often now than in years past. Short trips, vacations or just passing through, when the lady sees an unique or classic looking bookseller,...
Since it is finals week up here in Moscow (and many other schools in the States and Canada) I thought for this week, it would be appropriate for the trick to be named: The Final Exam.
Gatorade is basically the pinnacle of sports drinks, and they just posted an Instagram photo of a lacrosse player flying through the air while going behind the back to score. What a shot, both by the player and the photo!
The playoff push is meant for you to incorporate wall ball into your stick trick routine. When every game is a win or go home game in the playoffs you will need that extra edge to make a game changing play. Working with the wall, play wall ball only using the sidewall of your stick and see how far back from the wall you can get.

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