Grow The Game

Grow The Game
Stories about growing the sport of lacrosse and spreading the game to new areas. From beginners to professional players, anyone can #GrowTheGame!
The 2016 CityLax Gala on Tuesday evening at the New York Athletic Club celebrated 10 amazing years of growth, and lay the foundation for 10 more.
Jason Myers was interested in our Mainstream Lacrosse discussion, and examines how football holds other sports back from growing at the collegiate level.
Ryan Conwell talks about why lacrosse should be mainstream and what it needs to do to get there. Shot Clock, the Dive, and some other changes are needed!
Please welcome OfficialLaxGirl! She replies to Connor Wilson's "Can Lacrosse Become Mainstream?" article, and raising some really goos points!
Brian Witmer responds to Connor Wilson's post "Can Lacrosse Become Mainstream?" with his own take on mainstream lacrosse.
Can Lacrosse become mainstream? Better to ask IF lacrosse can in fact become popular at all... I mean, why even worry about something that can't happen?
This week I'll be taking an in-depth look at Danish Lacrosse today. We've talked about the past, so let's hit up the present.
Yesterday in Brooklyn, CityLax stepped up its efforts yet again and donated over 625 brand new Cascade Lacrosse helmets to New York City's PSAL.

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