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High School
High School Lacrosse news and commentary. From East Coast to West Coast, we've got high school lax coverage from every region!
The last couple of weeks in Louisiana have been crazy. We have endured flood, tornadoes, and weeks of rain, and a lacrosse season went into overdrive to make up games and get the high school play off picture hashed out. College and Men's Club level have interesting information as well!
The 2016 CityLax Gala on Tuesday evening at the New York Athletic Club celebrated 10 amazing years of growth, and lay the foundation for 10 more.
Now that the entire country has caught the high school lax bug, we had to drop the very first video explosion of the year!
During the April 2nd 2016 varsity lacrosse game between Deerfield Academy (MA) and the Brunswick School (CT), a crazy hail storm erupted. No one cared!
The Second Annual Courage Game will take place on May 29, 2016 at Penn Park on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania.
Do you want to see Boys Latin Vs The Hill Academy photos and video? OF COURSE YOU DO! So do I! And we have it... oh, do we have it!
We LOVE NYC Public School Lacrosse! The Public School Athletic League organizes an amazing scrimmage day for boys and girls public school teams, all on Randall's Island. So basically, you get to see about 50 varsity teams play lacrosse...
An update on everything that happened in Louisiana recently in the lacrosse world. This post has high school, college, and more!

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