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"There's no memory in recruiting," Hofstra men's coach Seth Tierney said. "Every year, there's an all-new set of ninth- and 10th-grade parents coming through recruitment and don't know the potholes."
After the summer success of the 2016 NJ Riot team the organization decided to expand to include a 2017 team to compete in the 2014 summer season. Tryouts were held late in the summer of 2013 with 100+ players in attendance. After the second call back a group of 24 players were selected and the summer began.
U and V shooters, which extend below 4' from the scoop, will once again be allowed in high school lacrosse, but only for one more season. Originally, the NFHS had adopted the college version of the shooting string rule for 2015, but yesterday announced that this rule would be delayed for one year, until 2016.
I am reminded heavily of the NCAA rule changes a little while back. The nervousness of the community was the same and the rule changes are potentially identical.I will get into the potentials in a moment. This should not be seen as a limitation, but rather another opportunity to let your creativity run wild. First, CALM DOWN, second, read this article!
After 6 years of providing the best training to players across the country at our Overnight Summer Camps, we realized we needed something to challenge the top players.
Gawker.com's Dayna Evans takes a deep look at the evolving culture of lacrosse in New York City.
The National Federation for High Schools Sports (NFHS) has released new high school lacrosse rule changes for 2015, and many of them echo the moves in the college game. While many of the rules will impact the game in one way or another, one rule will definitely impact a number of players, and that is the 4" rule for shooting strings. Say goodbye to U and V shooters!
Today I'm showing you two electric 2017 lacrosse recruit highlight reels, but I want to know which one you think is MORE electric. Is it Alex Trippi of the Bullis School? Or Westy McLaughlin of Avon Old Farms? Both players just finished their freshman seasons in high school (I know, how are they this good?), and both have recently put up ridiculous highlight tapes.

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