Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews
Connor Wilson from Lacrosse All Stars puts his expertise to the test as he reviews and ties up the new Under Armour Command head.
Let's the new Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 lacrosse shaft by Epoch. How could things get better from Gen.5? Here's what we know!
On the docket today we have the Flight 22 Shaft from Powell Lacrosse, a personal favorite of the author although it's a newcomer to the scene.
The Pioneer from Powell Lacrosse is the company's first ever lacrosse head, and it's definitely causing some commotion out there amongst customers. Let's breakdown the hottest head of 2015.
Get the full rundown on the NEW Warrior Regulator head and how it strings up with the also new Warrior Regulator mesh in a double gear review from Mark!
In the first of 3 special Double Gear Reviews we will take a look at the Warrior Burn Head with new Burn featherweight Mesh!
The new face-off head from Tribe7 Lax, the Beast7, designed with Greg Gurenlian proves to be a worth option for all positions at a very low price point/
StringKing has been producing some of the most popular mesh on the market. They are the mesh supplier for multiple top programs throughout the country. They have recently released their goalie mesh known as Grizzly Mesh. It is supposed to be the lightest on the market and perform at a high level during any weather scenario. No one really knew how good this mesh was going to be. Would it change the game? How would the lightness of the mesh affect it? Is it more or as consistent as other top goalie mesh?

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