Gear Reviews

Gear Reviews
Today, Mark and Tanner are review the Tank U. The latest elite level defensive head from Maverik Lacrosse. See what d-men are raving about on campuses everywhere.
Newly improved and back on the shelves for 2015 is the Gen.5 Dragonfly shaft line from Epoch Lacrosse. Learn more about the X30, E30, and C30 shafts from Epoch!
Team 22 over at Under Armour sent over a pair of their new Command Gloves (in a custom Lake Placid theme no less!) for me to check out, and I have to say I'm impressed. This is a top level glove, and UA is using some very up to date technology on this mitten.
Mark Donahue reviews the Optik U, the cutting edge, elite level lacrosse head from Maverik Lacrosse.
Over the past year it has been hard not to hear the buzz that Joule Lacrosse is making in the industry. From shattering (literally) the competition to producing a product with a grip and durability separated from the rest, the guys at Joule are here to take over the men's, women's and box shaft game.
I'm breaking down the in's and out's of the NEW Traditional Head from TLAX! That sidewall, that beautiful sidewall!
Today I'm checking out The Hawk by Epoch Lacrosse on! I have been exposed to this head for months now, and I've seen it develop through 3D printing, talked to the original creator (Flip Naumburg), and learned a lot by being so intimately involved. This first hard experience gives me an unparalleled insight into this new product, and now I'm sharing that perspective with you.
Lax Splat mesh is a new product on the market that we were excited to get our hands on. Our friend Beau, of Lax Splat, sent us some great let's get reviewin'!

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