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You can tell the Evo Warp lacrosse head requires no stringing, or adjusting. Of course that also means you can't adjust it. Pros and Cons!
Let's the new Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 lacrosse shaft by Epoch. How could things get better from Gen.5? Here's what we know!
We've teamed up with the fine folks at Trilogy Lacrosse and LACROSSE.COM to offer two lucky winners a UA Lacrosse Head custom dyed to your exact specifications. You ready for this? If you win, your wish is our Command! If you win, we'll...
We did a couple of custom String League dye jobs, and three of our five wonderful judges are involved in this project! You can WIN these heads at LAXCON!
Yesterday in Brooklyn, CityLax stepped up its efforts yet again and donated over 625 brand new Cascade Lacrosse helmets to New York City's PSAL.
Save big on lacrosse gear by taking advantage of LACROSSE.COM's end of the year blowout sale. Heads as low as $25. Shafts as low as $15!
Enter now for a chance to win the newest limited edition gear from Nike and Thompson Brothers Lacrosse.
On the docket today we have the Flight 22 Shaft from Powell Lacrosse, a personal favorite of the author although it's a newcomer to the scene.

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