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Epoch Lacrosse has utilized carbon fiber technology in ways no other lacrosse company has done before. With their new Dragonfly Gen. 6 model, they have introduced their new Torque Box technology which only elevates this shaft line to new...
Connor Wilson from Lacrosse All Stars puts his expertise to the test as he reviews and ties up the new Under Armour Command head.
Picking out gear is certainly a fun part of playing in the MCLA! Colin Lavery explains how it goes down at Indiana University. Go Hoosiers!
Your perfect lacrosse stick is not like everybody elses. It's unique to who you are, and it's all about personal preference. We've teamed up with to give you the chance to win the lacrosse stick of your dreams. Enter now!
You can tell the Evo Warp lacrosse head requires no stringing, or adjusting. Of course that also means you can't adjust it. Pros and Cons!
Let's the new Dragonfly WX32 IQ8 Gen.6 lacrosse shaft by Epoch. How could things get better from Gen.5? Here's what we know!
We've teamed up with the fine folks at Trilogy Lacrosse and LACROSSE.COM to offer two lucky winners a UA Lacrosse Head custom dyed to your exact specifications. You ready for this? If you win, your wish is our Command! If you win, we'll...
We did a couple of custom String League dye jobs, and three of our five wonderful judges are involved in this project! You can WIN these heads at LAXCON!

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