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On the docket today we have the Flight 22 Shaft from Powell Lacrosse, a personal favorite of the author although it's a newcomer to the scene.
Up until today, Adidas Lacrosse had been making small but consistent waves in their re-emergence as a lacrosse brand. Today it all changes!
Traditional Lacrosse has been all over the US and Canada selling their sticks, and became one of the larger modern wooden stick makers almost overnight.
Cyber Monday is a thing. I'm not sure how it happened, but it did, and now we have annual Cyber Monday Lacrosse deals. It's the way of the world.
The Pioneer from Powell Lacrosse is the company's first ever lacrosse head, and it's definitely causing some commotion out there amongst customers. Let's breakdown the hottest head of 2015.
It is 2015 Black Friday and people are going crazy looking for deals. If you want to stay home and shop online, we have some good places for you to get your kicks.
In this weeks edition of Spotted we have another sighting in the NFL. You think there's a trend starting? The Huarache 5's have been spotted on the Buffalo Bills' quarterback Tyrod Taylor.
The Mohawk Manufacturing Company was a huge name in lacrosse back when wooden sticks were the only available option, and over 40 years ago you could buy one in a hardware store for about $8 pretty much anywhere in Ontario.

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