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Brain Sentry has created a lacrosse helmet impact sensor that detects hard hits to help coaches identify players that should be assessed for a concussion. Watch the full report from Baltimore's ABCNews2.
To celebrate the 2015 US Lacrosse Convention, which took place over the weekend in Baltimore, the crew at Stylin Strings created a one-of-a-kind #LaxCon themed lacrosse head and put it on display at their booth. Here's an up-close look!
Which sporting goods equipment manufacturer makes the best lacrosse heads?
Are you looking for a reason to go to #LaxCon 2015? I'm about to hit you with 5 great reasons to attend the US Lacrosse Convention this year in Baltimore, MD.
The news has slowed around Helmetgate, but just when you think it's over, something new happens.
CruzWorldCustoms was challenged with customizing a pair of Maverik Wonderboy lacrosse gloves to pair homage to Old Glory. Kacy Small went back to work and did not disappoint!
Warrior is releasing an EXTREMELY limited run of this head in mid January, and you can get it first by pre ordering at starting right now.
For its time, the Superlight II was really one of the most advanced heads on the market. It was narrow, had some cool tech to it, and was a favorite amongst offensive players everywhere.

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