Lacrosse isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle. Catch up on what's cool here, and live the lax lifestyle everyday.
In very small, but significant ways, make today about other people. Find somebody to compliment. Find somebody to help. Find somebody to hold a door open for. Find somebody to hug. Find somebody to thank.
The West Linn Academy is what really started Rhino Lacrosse. This year was Rhino Lacrosse’s historic 10th annual West Linn Academy and Ryan Powell, owner of Rhino Lacrosse, had big plans for it. I personally was extremely excited to see what Rhino had up their sleeve and could pull out for this big event.
When all things are considered, privilege is not something that we can pretend we don't have. It's just a matter of how privileged are we compared to the next person. What advantages do I have that are available to me (for whatever reason) that are not available to the next person, and why aren't they available to that person?
It's June 23rd already, which means just about half of 2014 has already passed us by. Many of us, back in late December or early January set goals for the year. Some of us set one or two goals, while others set numerous goals.
Stick Skills Saturday is back with a little something for the box player in you. The boys up North shed some knowledge on me about the saucer pass. I wouldn't recommend trying this one around any windows, it gets a little reckless.
Welcome to Episode 1 of Connor Versus! In this series, Connor takes on professional lacrosse players in a couple of different competitions, and will mostly embarrass himself in the process. If you've ever wondered what it would be like to compete against the pros, this is pretty much it!
What type of verbal and non-verbal communication are you using or avoiding today?
Since my significant other is an English major, I tend to find myself in bookstores more often now than in years past. Short trips, vacations or just passing through, when the lady sees an unique or classic looking bookseller,...

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