Lacrosse isn't just a game, it's a lifestyle. Catch up on what's cool here, and live the lax lifestyle everyday.
UPDATE: We have a winner, and there can only be one! .... It's time for the Big Dance. Fill out your bracket and join the LaxAllStars league for a chance to win a ton of great prizes!
Got a nasty lacrosse helmet in your collection of gear? is searching for the best and worst looking buckets in the history of mankind.
Sometimes you see lacrosse while shopping. That's what happened to our guy Sergey, who spotted some lacrosse sticks and photographs at a Ralph Lauren Outlet Store in Omaha, Nebraska.
This week's trick, like many in the past, is a Matt Gibson original. You are using your shaft to stall the ball on different parts of your body. This week you will be stalling the ball on your tricep. Be very careful with this one if you aren't careful you can hit yourself in the face like I did.
Let's get back in my head, this time UCSB, ADRLN and RESPECT.
Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! Happy Friday! The word "but." A tricky little word, It was in my persuasive communications course in college that I learned how damaging a word it can be. Simply put, the word but negates everything...
Providing a weekly rundown of the most interesting things that recently happened in the whole wide world of lacrosse, Crosse Clicks is to the lacrosse enthusiast as SparkNotes is to the above-average student!
LXM Pros Erik Krum, Shamel Bratton, Matt Russell, and Peter Baum discuss their own upbringings in the sport, including the experience of getting recruited and turning pro, and the apparent differences in the sport of lacrosse when it comes to East Coast versus West Coast.

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