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Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! It's amazing how much there is in this world that we don't know. Things that we never think to think about. This morning, I came across an interesting read. A few minutes and few clicks...
Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

The Rubber Year

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen! And happy new year! The team member who spends an inordinate amount of time reflecting on the last play is the one who probably won't have the courage to execute the next one." - Stan...
New Years means popping bottles, but not in club! We got out to the field to shoot in the cold and snow and popped some bottles to ring in 2014. Good times!
Chazz Woodson - Words of Wisdom

Doing Big Things

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Travel and catching up got the best of me today, so I apologize for the delayed send! We find ourselves in the last few hours of the calendar year. We've already begun to make moves...
Yes, Lax-Mas Day was last week, but New Year's Eve is tonight, so we thought it would be more appropriate to share this spotting with you this week. After all, spotter Rick did see this sign outside a pub!
Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. And happy Monday! You've probably heard of Kwanzaa. But you may or may not know anything about it. The celebration is a week long, commencing December 26th and culminating January 1st. I urge you, in...
It's 2013 for one more day. To celebrate the year that was, we're dropping 13 awesome photos on you from the last 365 days of lacrosse action around the world. Some of them you've seen, and some you haven't. Let's give 2013 its proper due respect! We'll show you a photo, and below each one we'll tell you what was going on, and why this photo made the cut.
There were a ton of great moments caught on film for the "Flip" movie we worked on with Epoch Lacrosse that didn't quite make the final cut. One of those moments was when Flip and his CSU team saw Gary Gait in the airport randomly, and Gait came over to say hi to Flip. His players were a little shocked, and probably pretty impressed!

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