Tips and advice from coaches, pro lacrosse players, training experts, and more.
Editor's Note: Please welcome Ned Kaish, Liam Banks, and Scott Ratliff to LAS! These three guys run the show at LB3 Lacrosse down in Atlanta, and they have some ideas to share on the game of lacrosse. So take...
Lacrosse pro Chris "OD" O'Dougherty breaks down a fun variation of a 1-on-1 drill he calls "Scoop and Chase"!
Quick Sticks has to be one of the greatest three-man drills to help you work on your communication, move your feet and practice soft hands all at the same time! Team USA and All-MLL midfielder Drew Snider is going to take us through another one of his hand-picked favorite drills!
Although college lacrosse IS NOT for everyone, that doesn't mean you're not cut out for it! Try these Indicator Exercises to get your body up to speed!
2016 academic requirements changes are here! While these rules don't change constantly, when they do, high school athletes really need to pay attention.
Some of us aren't yet aware that college Lacrosse IS NOT for everyone,but Sean Kelly is here to help you identify if it is for you!
I am challenging YOU to pick up your lacrosse stick today. Can you live up the challenge? It's really not that hard, so you should be answering YES
Fix the problems with your hip mobility to build explosive speed for the lacrosse seasons! Here's 5 drills to help!

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