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Being big and strong as a defenseman certainly helps when playing the game of lacrosse. However the one skill that is mandatory for excellence as lacrosse defensemen is footwork.
I spent 60 minutes with Paul Rabil earlier this week, and we had a stellar conversation about all things lacrosse! It's Rabil time!
By mastering the little things on and off of the lacrosse field, a player can be rocketed to greatness by following Paul Rabil's formula to success!
If you master stickwork, what happens if you get better? Paul Rabil encourages you to never be satisfied and stay creative while having fun with stickwork.
Learn about Paul Rabil's learning differences and how his amazing work ethic and all-star lacrosse career started with becoming a keen visual learner.
Table Talk is one of Chris O'Dougherty's favorite drills to implement communication into the defense and their slide packages.
Paul Rabil is joining for the next six weeks as a writer! A conversation with Paul Rabil to kick it all off! This will be great!
Get your feet moving with Major League Lacrosse All-Star Drew Snider as he introduces a shuffle drill for improving communication and speed on the field!

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