While at #LaxCon 2015, Epoch Lacrosse ran into Mike Naumburg of Rock-it Pocket and convinced him to guest star on today's Tie Up Tuesday episode.
Epoch Stops by Wheaties HQ for a Tuesday Tie Up Session with Tony Libera of General Mills.
The Warrior Warpath is not an "old" head by any means. It came out in 2006 or 2007 and was a beginner/intermediate head that never became all that popular. It's pretty sturdy, basic, and totally usable, and it's not a head you see every day.
Learn how to string and implement the Stacked Special Interlock into your mesh stringing bag of tricks!
Max Lyski demonstrate the 8 easy steps for stringing the Triple Top String or the S.O.P.G. (Spawn of Pipo Goalie) Top String. I found this top string from a fairly well known stringer on Instagram, Spawn of Pipo.
Ryan Hurley of Epoch Lacrosse walks into Studio 22 to Tie Up The Hawk with Otter Mesh.
Welcome to another episode of That Old Lacrosse Head! This week I'm taking an original Warrior Revolution head and fixing up the pocket so that CityLax (supporting public school lacrosse in NYC!) can recycle the head and put it to good use!
This week the LAS crew is taking over Tie Up Tuesday to show off our personal favorite, the LaxAllStars Top String.

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