Max Lyski demonstrate the 8 easy steps for stringing the Triple Top String or the S.O.P.G. (Spawn of Pipo Goalie) Top String. I found this top string from a fairly well known stringer on Instagram, Spawn of Pipo.
This is a very special STX Viper edition of That Old Lacrosse Head.
Stringing twin pockets can be a simple task if you're using two of the exact same head. If you're using two different heads, and you want to have the same pocket in both heads, you will need to think out the process a little bit and then try your best to string the same pocket in both plastic heads.
Ryan Hurley of Epoch Lacrosse walks into Studio 22 to Tie Up The Hawk with Otter Mesh.
Welcome to another episode of That Old Lacrosse Head! This week I'm taking an original Warrior Revolution head and fixing up the pocket so that CityLax (supporting public school lacrosse in NYC!) can recycle the head and put it to good use!
This week the LAS crew is taking over Tie Up Tuesday to show off our personal favorite, the LaxAllStars Top String.
Today we're checking out the Brine Prophecy head on That Old Lacrosse Head! The Brine Prophecy is a classic crazy head.
Check out the Hawk Six Shooter pocket we just picked up! Nathan Aviles, an avid stringer and lacrosse player out in Arizona actually sent this head to us to check out.

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