Season 2 Finals of String League! What happens when you gather five of the best stringers, give them absolutely no rules, and let their creativity shine?
Greg from East Coast Dyes came up with the fantastic ECD Micro Mesh Challenge, and our contestants killed it with their entries!
Welcome to String League's Drop Top Challenge! We asked out stringers to come up with a NEW dropped top string. What they did was AMAZING!
Welcome to the Knot Mesh Challenge! As String League moved into the half-way point, we see a major swing in the competition!
Welcome to the RedStar Hardware Challenge for the second String League Competition of Season 2! This one really pushes the boundaries of creative stringing!
Welcome to String League's Week 1 Throne Challenge Recap! Throne Lacrosse threw down the first of SIX challenging gauntlets, and our stringers responded with vigor
With a record breaking number of entries, String League had to sift through hundreds upon hundreds of posts to find the best for the FINAL FIVE!
String League 2016 aka "Season 2" will be closing Open Entry soon, so this is your LAST CHANCE to enter the best stringing competition on the planet!

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