Stringing skills come from a multitude of places. The experimental stage is what made me fall in love with the art form. I would rip my stick apart and rebuild it again and again, until I made a pocket...
Traditional Lacrosse has been all over the US and Canada selling their sticks, and became one of the larger modern wooden stick makers almost overnight.
String League Pre-season rolls on with Contest #2! There are three Pre-season String League contest chances in total, so get involved, and get ready for the ultimate in stringing league competition!
The Mohawk Manufacturing Company was a huge name in lacrosse back when wooden sticks were the only available option, and over 40 years ago you could buy one in a hardware store for about $8 pretty much anywhere in Ontario.
A classic and long standing pattern of traditional lacrosse pocket sidewall construction is the Native American Sidewall Structure, which is often referred to as the Double Sidewall.
Welcome to Wood Stick Wednesday! We have wooden sticks from Thompson & Sons Lacrosse Company. Thompson & Sons is run by Mike Thompson out of Akwesasne.
Welcome to String League, Season 2! Much of the cast is back from Season 1, the competitions are going to be better, and the prizes will be awesome. Can you be our winner?
I came up with a new hybrid pocket (or at least what I think is a new hybrid pocket) by combining different elements from a couple traditional variations.

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