I came up with a new hybrid pocket (or at least what I think is a new hybrid pocket) by combining different elements from a couple traditional variations.
This week I fix up an Old Wooden Goalie Stick. Welcome to Traditional Thursday! It's an old Bacharach Rasin wooden goalie stick... I think!
The best lacrosse stick you'll ever have? It's out there, and you need to find it. Or do you? Yeah, you probably do.
Welcome to a Goalie Mesh Review, written by long-time stringer Van O'Banion! Van has been around the stringing game for what seems like an eternity!
Welcome to the 2016 US Lacrosse Women's Rules! This may come as no surprise, but the rules surrounding women’s lacrosse pockets have changed again.
Mark weighs in on his Top 5 of Epoch Lacrosse's Tie Up Tuesday episodes from 2015. There were so many great Hawks strung this year, it was hard to decide!
In the first of 3 special Double Gear Reviews we will take a look at the Warrior Burn Head with new Burn featherweight Mesh!
Following the "All Tied Up" video, Epoch Lacrosse gives a look at the Wall of Fame showcasing all the one-of-a-kind Tie Up Tuesday heads that they feature.

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