Connor Wilson, publisher of, pays homage to Flip Naumberg by creating a Flip inspired pocket in a Flip designed head!
I first saw a floating pita pocket about 15 years ago. Since then I've always wanted a perfect floating pita of my own. Now you can have one too!
Epoch Lacrosse shows a dyed pocket from Blue Collar Lax as today's Tie Up Tuesday. The Canadians sent us the most American mesh we've seen on The Hawk.
Throne of String joins Epoch Lacrosse for this week's Tie Up Tuesday featuring a custom dyed and strung head in tribute to Zack Dorn's love for Chipotle!
Feast your eyes on the Zack Dorn replica pocket, tied up on The Hawk head by the fine folks over at Universal Lacrosse. Pick one up for yourself today!
Epoch Lacrosse has a collection of Tied Up heads and through Tie Up Tuesday, the stockpile still grows. Shout out to those featured in an #EpochTieUp!
For the Tie Up Tuesday this year, Tim Roche from Salty Strings is back, this time showing off what he calls the Paracord Pocket.
Justin Skaggs, founder and CEO of Stylin' Strings, mailed the Epoch Lacrosse crew a dyed and strung Hawk lacrosse head to show off in this Tie Up Tuesday!

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