Check out this week's Tie Up Tuesday with expert stringer from Universal Lacrosse, Chris Deal live from the 2015 NCAA Championship weekend in Philadelphia!
Here's your chance to win a Nike Lakota strung by Chris Wilson, the 2015 String League Champion! Hailing from a small town in the leafy British hills, Chris put his heart and soul into this beautiful traditional pocket.
We recently got to know Chris Wilson, 2015 String League Champion and an expert stringer hailing from the United Kingdom. Chris, who also goes by "Lacrosse Man" on social media, has a sincere passion for the game. We think you should meet him too!
The 2015 All Traditional College Lacrosse Awards! Each year, we scour the D1 ranks looking for impact players who use traditional lacrosse pockets.
Tim Roche, creator of Salty Strings, is back again for another Tie Up Tuesday, diving deeper into the Eagles Nest pocket in our signature head, The Hawk!
The crew at Epoch Lacrosse received ultra-light "The Hybrid" pocket from Rock-it Pocket in The Hawk head for this weeks Tie Up Tuesday.
Tim Roche of Salty Strings joins Epoch Lacrosse on Tie Up Tuesday to talk custom and crazy looking traditional pockets and the techniques he uses to achieve them!
StringKing has been producing some of the most popular mesh on the market. They are the mesh supplier for multiple top programs throughout the country. They have recently released their goalie mesh known as Grizzly Mesh. It is supposed to be the lightest on the market and perform at a high level during any weather scenario. No one really knew how good this mesh was going to be. Would it change the game? How would the lightness of the mesh affect it? Is it more or as consistent as other top goalie mesh?

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