Mark Donahue and I went out to ComLax. What resulted was a collection of talking Traditional Pockets that rivals anything else out there.
Joe Williams, mastermind behind Throne of String, sat down with Epoch Lacrosse at LaxCon 2015 to Tie Up The Hawk head while impressing a small crowd!
There is a simple way to recycle old leathers! As long as the leather isn't totally trashed, it can work wonders and give you a perfect pocket.
Jake McCampbell, co-founder and owner of StringKing Lacrosse joined Epoch Lacrosse to tie up The Hawk with Otter mesh during the ever-busy 2015 LaxCon.
It's like the Holy Grail of traditional stringing and it's all about super custom pocket perfection! Here are some useful tips and tricks!
I don't know about you, but I'm quickly becoming a huge fan of Center Track Customs. What's are center track customs?
Check out this masterpiece created by the mastermind behind Rock-it Pocket and the same genius behind the development of The Hawk, Mr. Flip Naumberg.
The String League judges panel have selected their Top 18 and now it is up to the stringing community to decide who will make it to the FINAL FIVE.

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