I’ll begin with a bit of complete honesty; my first wooden lacrosse stick, with all of its many flaws, took a ridiculous amount of time and effort to make!
Every old Cranberry Victoria wooden lacrosse stick has a story, and my favorite thing about working on any old stick is the history that it carries.
We teamed up with StylinStrings to offer FIVE Limited Edition Floating Sidewall Pita Pockets, and these things are MINT! Here's a little more info and background on this LE product we're proud to have helped produce. While I love stringing,...
Not a lot people string gut wall, so this tutorial should be super popular, by helping everyone else who has been a little too intimidated to try it on their own!
This week we're taking a look at a Patterson Youth Stick, and this Wood Stick Wednesday post goes back to the early 1970s!
Traditional Lacrosse has been all over the US and Canada selling their sticks, and became one of the larger modern wooden stick makers almost overnight.
The Mohawk Manufacturing Company was a huge name in lacrosse back when wooden sticks were the only available option, and over 40 years ago you could buy one in a hardware store for about $8 pretty much anywhere in Ontario.
A classic and long standing pattern of traditional lacrosse pocket sidewall construction is the Native American Sidewall Structure, which is often referred to as the Double Sidewall.

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