I came up with a new hybrid pocket (or at least what I think is a new hybrid pocket) by combining different elements from a couple traditional variations.
There is a simple way to recycle old leathers! As long as the leather isn't totally trashed, it can work wonders and give you a perfect pocket.
Today we're showing you how to string traditional lacrosse pockets, but we're not just teaching you how to string ONE pocket... we're teaching you how to string ALL the pockets!
Old Pocket, Quick Fix - That Old Lacrosse Head! I show you how to convert any old traditional into a much more use friendly six shooter.
Max Lyski demonstrate the 8 easy steps for stringing the Triple Top String or the S.O.P.G. (Spawn of Pipo Goalie) Top String. I found this top string from a fairly well known stringer on Instagram, Spawn of Pipo.
A couple of months back, we put up a couple of tradmesh pockets photos on Instagram that I dubbed Trameshional. Perhaps that name is stupid, but I'd never seen this variation of tradmesh done before, even though I'm sure it has been. People asked for a tutorial, I took my sweet time in making one, and now it's here.
The Six Shooter Pocket tutorial has been long awaited, and requested many times over, and now... it's finally here! The Six Shooter has been around for a long time, and while most people today know about it because Miles Thompson used this pocket last year at Albany, the pocket has been around for a long time, and it's a total classic.
I'm back with another "how-to" video, and this time around it's a traditional lacrosse pocket tutorial. This video focuses on the single string method of stringing or netting a traditional diamond leather lacrosse pocket. I used a matte grey Gait Recon XL Universal spec head from Gait Lacrosse, bright orange cross lace, white leathers, white sidewall, and four shooting strings. It's about as six diamond as a six diamond gets!

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