It's all about the kids! More kids play lacrosse today than ever before. Our sport is quickly becoming the #1 choice for young athletes.
After the Boise, Idaho Rhino Academy finished up, the road crew and I hit the road towards our next stop in Bozeman, Montana. Before this camp, I didn’t really have a sense of the skill level of the lacrosse players in Montana, so I admit that I assumed it was pretty low. After the first day of camp, I was pleasantly surprised that I was way off.
Despite the absurd heat, the campers at the Boise Academy were extremely hard workers. I know for a fact that if I had to play in that heat I wouldn’t be a happy camper, but everyone out there was eager to learn and improve their games.
The West Linn Academy is what really started Rhino Lacrosse. This year was Rhino Lacrosse’s historic 10th annual West Linn Academy and Ryan Powell, owner of Rhino Lacrosse, had big plans for it. I personally was extremely excited to see what Rhino had up their sleeve and could pull out for this big event.
Outnumbered, clusters of shore teams prove they can compete with the hub of lacrosse.
A deeper look at the new CS-R helmet and how it combines the popular R shell design with the advanced technology required for proper protection and safety of youth lacrosse players.
Cascade Lacrosse is proud to announce the launch of the CS-R helmet. Coming June 15, the CS-R marks the first of its kind: The Elite Youth helmet. The addition of a Poron®XRD™ Foam liner and a memory foam side fit provides elite level protection for the U12 player. The R design gives this lid the same speed and elegance, as it’s older, All-American, brother.
Stop one of Henry's Road Trip With Rhino is beautiful Flagstaff, Arizona. Follow along as he tours the country with one of the top instructional camps in the game. Also, be sure not to miss the on-going stick trick competition he is putting on at each stop.
I'm coaching at an instructional lacrosse camp in New York City this week and next, and it's serving as a great reminder as to why instructional camps are so important, and why I like them so much.

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