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Updated Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Once again we’ve discovered multiple users attempting to “game the system.” Please be advised that fake accounts are now being deleted on an ongoing basis and all will be removed prior to a final tally.

Updated Sunday, May 25, 2014

Around 6:00PM EST today we discovered a number of users had somehow been able to vote twice, or in some odd cases, hundreds of time. We have since removed ALL duplicate votes and enhanced the security of the poll.

A note to all finalists, friends, and members of the lacrosse community rooting them on — we encourage you to spread the word to your teammates, friends, and family by emailing the link to this page and using the social share buttons here:

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We’ve received all FIVE Finalist’s videos for the #TotallyEpoch Contest, and man oh man, they are good!!!!! The Grand Prize is still up for grabs and one of these five final contestants will be taking it home. (Full Contest Rules here) We’ve checked each submission out ourselves, but now it’s time to share them with the rest of the world!

The Grand Prize is essentially 25 complete sticks from our friends at Epoch and Total Lacrosse PLUS a $500 gift card to use in store, so there’s a lot on the line.
Help us determine the overall winner by checking out each video and then casting your vote below!

Here are the FIVE Finalist videos, in no particular order:

Dylan Smolla

Evan Herschl

Michael Fygetakis Madell

Katelyn Murphy

Daniel Kelly

VOTE BELOW, and help the best video win!


  1. 1) Can you vote once per day or just once for the contest?
    2) Can you vote once per email address or once per IP address?
    3) It’s a shame that a) you have to signup as a member to vote, and b) the signup process is so detailed. A lot of people who might vote won’t bother.

    Plus, the girl finalist is at a disadvantage because this is predominantly a boy’s lacrosse site, and the male finalists probably have plenty of male teammates and male friends who are already members of the site or willing to become members and will vote for them. The girl finalist probably doesn’t. Just sayin’.

  2. Honestly, all the finalists should get some sort of compensation for this because 1) the contest was suppose to end on the 26th and 2) the voting has gotten messed up multiple times.

  3. Something seems to be wrong with the voting. The video I voted for is registering only 2 votes after my vote and I know of at least 3 other people that voted for it.

  4. I had the same thing happen to me that happened to jpaulk. I voted and some of my friends did and none of our votes have been counted.

  5. It sucks that it’s a popularity contest over the actual quality and creativity of the video. Basically it comes down to who has the most friends. It would be more fair if the competition was judged by the sponsors rather than lax bros. It puts the girl at a disadvantage.

  6. Since the voting doesn’t work, remove the polls completely and just have the LAS/Epoch team decide who wins.

  7. This is stupid and entirely unprofessional, Mike obviously won fair once ALL fake votes where removed across the board. As well ALL of Dylan’s votes are fake. He went from 2 votes to 180 In just 2 hours. But the great people of laxallstars have done all but jack shit to fix their broken website. Fix the damn contest

  8. Katelyn Murphy…your video is AMAZING…I love the details you put in to everything (cereal box, GoPro plate, and lacrosse ball). Your creativity is no doubt the best of all these videos. I wish more people with creativity were voting…you crushed this contest!!! Nice work!

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