Traditional Stringfest


A teammate of mine from the Southampton LC saw one of my traditional spoons this summer and decided he wanted to go back to the old school as well.  I ordered up some stringing supplies from Jimalax and a little while later I was going at it.

Since I had been bitten by the stringing bug, I also decided to re-string my Nike Legacy head with a multicolor traditional 5-diamond. For my friend, I just did a really basic 6-diamond with white crosslace and brown leathers.  Blue shooters because he played at Goucher or something.  I don’t remember but his helmet is yellow and blue.  But the brown leathers are an absolute must.  Anything else would be… uncivilized.

If you can string with the best of ’em, send in your work.  We want to see it and I’m sure the other readers do too.

Fun times.  Fun times.


    • not a dumb question. a lot of people have never used traddy these days. it lost popularity way back in the late 80s (maybe even earlier) in a lot of places. totally understandable.

      it’s not as easy as mesh. you have to know a couple more techniques and understand how the crosslace interacts with itself but I taught myself using pictures of other people’s sticks.

      If you go to the laxforums, there is a stringing section where they will walk you through (with pics) step by step. Worth learning in my opinion and will help you string mesh better as well.

      It takes a little while to break in… probably a bit longer than mesh but not too bad. Especially if you string the pocket around a ball. I do this by getting the crosslace that connects the 4 leathers first. then putting a ball in, tightening the leathers down and then putting the sidewalls in… instant pocket that requires an hour or so of break in. about the same as mesh for me.

      • It didn’t lose popularity until the late 90’s. I didn’t even string my first mesh stick until my junior year of HS in 96, and I was one of the few kids rocking hard mesh then.

        I do miss the feel of a well done traditional pocket. Though I must admit, mesh can be more finely tuned to fit your throwing and shooting style, especially with all the different variants available (soft, semi-soft, semi-hard, etc…).

        These heads are really clean though. Nice job.

    • I’m a smooth side out guy. my brother is smooth side in. it literally tears our family apart from the inside!
      kidding. I feel like the soft side is concave and shrinks more so I put it on the inside of the pocket. smooth side is convex and the smooth side shrinks less so to me it makes sense and prevents unnatural bunching.