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A teammate of mine from the Southampton LC saw one of my traditional spoons this summer and decided he wanted to go back to the old school as well.  I ordered up some stringing supplies from Jimalax and a little while later I was going at it.

Since I had been bitten by the stringing bug, I also decided to re-string my Nike Legacy head with a multicolor traditional 5-diamond. For my friend, I just did a really basic 6-diamond with white crosslace and brown leathers.  Blue shooters because he played at Goucher or something.  I don’t remember but his helmet is yellow and blue.  But the brown leathers are an absolute must.  Anything else would be… uncivilized.

If you can string with the best of ’em, send in your work.  We want to see it and I’m sure the other readers do too.

Fun times.  Fun times.

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Connor is the Publisher of He lives in Brooklyn with his better half, continues to play and coach both box and field lacrosse in NYC as much as possible, and covers the great game that is lacrosse full-time. He spends his spare time stringing sticks and watching Futurama.

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