Traditional Thursday: 2 Diamond Pita Pocket


Welcome back to Traditional Thursday. This week, we’re seeing how low we can go. We’re talking 2 diamond trads and diamond size theory. Sometimes less is more…

two diamond pita pocket

This is real…

Any time traditional pockets go below 5 diamonds, consistency and “whip” can easily be seriously impacted. I took it down to the least possible amount of diamonds, and using a pita was key since the dog track prevents the ball from actually slipping through. There is a lot more surface area for the ball to sit and less lace around the ball. Having less lace around the ball will require a lot more maintenance since the pressure of the ball in the pocket is way more drastic. It is a very elastic pocket.

I had to keep the pocket shallow in order to keep the pocket somewhat consistent and usable. Less is more! After playing with this pocket, it sorta feels like a mesh stick with a nylon up top and a shooter skipped 2 rows below. It has that delayed release but nice feel to it. I will probably try this pocket again but with 3 diamonds and using double interlocks and sidewall instead of cross lace hopefully making the pocket a little stiffer. For all of you wondering, yes, it was very awkward to go back to 6 diamonds after this.

Here is what CW had to say about my 2 diamond pocket experiment:

I’ve always felt that larger diamonds were harder to string because the tension really has to be perfect, or very close to it. It also creates a different pocket type and feel, which some people prefer. It takes more early maintenance, but as long as the tension is good, it can definitely work. Yours looks like a beauty!


This one has plenty of diamonds…

Bonus #TraditionalThursday

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles traditional in a Evo 3 in the works for a Salt Shaker down in Maryland.


Til’ next week. Do one thing that scares you everyday. #stringyourown #stringitforward