Traditional Thursday: 6 Leather Traditional


Welcome back to another awesome #traditionalthursday. This week, I answer a reader question from Jeffery Barber. He writes,

I want to try a six-leather traditional in an Evo 4. It has the
cut-outs in the scoop for six leathers, but only has four anchor holes
in the throat of the head. Do you have any tips on how to anchor the
two additional leathers?

Well, fortunately for you Jeffery, I happen to have an Evo 4 laying around. Just had to remove the pocket I had in it from playing box over the weekend but let’s get right into it!

With the little ridge on the scoop, this head screams for a teardrop top string.

Evo 4 6 string traditional thursday
Hear it screaming?

Now there are several ways we can approach anchoring the leathers down low. The ultimate goal is to keep all the leathers nice and spaced out. I chose to run the leathers from the bottom up but you can choose to run the leathers straight down.

We can run all 4 of the centered leathers down and then just tie off the 2 outers. Stanwick style.

Evo 4 6 string traditional thursday
Option 1

Another approach is to use a string and create a loop to run the leathers through. Of course, you can choose to run the leathers through any loop you choose and depending on what leathers you’re using, you might find yourself having to run all of the leathers through string. This is also a better option for heads with 2 bottom holes instead of 4.

Evo 4 6 string traditional thursday
Option 2

This next method involves power tools, this one is for the old school guys. If you’ve ever had to drill a hole in the sidewall due to lack of stringing options then you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s an extreme approach but I won’t rule it out.

Evo 4 6 string traditional thursday
Internal perspective

There you have it, a couple different yet practical approaches to a 6 leather traditional pocket. Adding 2 more leathers, creates more tension points and a better defined channel. This will also mean more adjusting, since there is more cross lace involved. In the end, traditional is traditional, leather and lace mixed with some purpose will put you in the right direction.

Thanks for chiming in Jeffery, hope this helps.

What should we do next?

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Till next week

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