Traditional Thursday: Billy’s New Drop Top


Welcome back to another traditional Thursday! I hope everyone had an awesome hump day.

Now, let’s get right into it! Over the summer, I used a mesh stick with an Iroquois top string during the ULAX Liberty Cup tournament. It had a quick and snappy release, which I love.

Photo Credit: Jeff Melnik, Conquest Sports Photography
Photo Credit: Jeff Melnik, Conquest Sports Photography


I wanted to replicate those same concepts into a traditional stick. My thought process while stringing this was to keep everything up top tight. That’s the key with this type of top string, to prevent lipping (unless you’re into that). Often times, I see stringers get around this by having tighter shooting strings. I don’t see why not prevent it from the start but maybe that’s just me. I kept everything tight, shooter lace and the top nylon. This pocket still ended up having a quick and snappy release but not a quick and lippy release. There’s a difference.


What’s the best thing about this pocket? It’s still a removable top string!



As an added bonus, here are two short “tip” videos from Connor. Oiling leathers, and tying knots. It’s what we do.

‘Til next week! #stringitforward #stringyourown