Traditional Thursday: Contest Winner, New Contest & More!

Lacrosse All Stars Reinforced 6 Box Traditional Pocket

A couple weeks back, we announced a pretty amazing contest on LAS. All you had to do was 1) become a member of LAS, 2) show us the most original string job you have access to, 3) share the post on Facebook, 4) impress us with your entry, and 5) win!

The winner picks up a custom strung head by yours truly! Not a bad deal!

You can find the winner at the bottom of the post, and in between, enjoy a little Traditional Thursday action where we offer up a weird pocket, answer reader questions, drop a new contest and offer a new prize!

#TraditionalThursday Short Stories

Austyn Chivington sent in this photo to the editor… have you ever seen a pocket like this before?


Reader Questions – Chad Ramsey

Is there any difference between a six and seven diamond traditional?

Good question. Yes and no. Basically, the pockets should be very similar. In the seven diamond you have slightly more string used, and a little more structure, because of the extra string. A 5 diamond is noticeably looser than an 8 diamond, which is more structured (like mesh). 6 and 7 diamond trads fall somewhere in-between.

How can you prevent the knots from sliding around without pulling them so tight that you’re playing with a tennis racket?

It’s all about tension! Once you get a well strung pocket, find an old soft tennis ball and a set of chopsticks. Put the ball into the stick, and hold it in place with the chopsticks. If you can see slack in the cross lace, your string and knots need to be tighter. If you do the tennis ball trick and the leathers are bunching up, you may not have enough looseness in your cross lace. The idea here is to mimic the push the ball will have on the pocket during a full cradle or shot. If the pocket is properly tense at that point, it should work beautifully once it is broken in fully.

Reader Questions – Mason Kraps

I’m stringing a trad in the new proton power, and I’m having trouble finding where to place my outside leathers, since there are only 2 bottom holes on the proton power. Is it even possible on a proton power? Any suggestions?

Yes it is, and you have a couple of options for how to do it. 1) Pull String. 2) Attach the outside leathers using sidewall and a front knot. 3) Get creative on how you use your leathers to tie off:

LAS Pocket Winner(S)

Why is the S capitalized? Because I picked TWO winners instead of the promised ONE, that’s why! We got a ton of great entries, and some of the comments were straight up inspirational. Thank YOU guys for the kind words, and the awesome submissions. I’d love to reward everyone, but I can’t, because I don’t have enough heads to do that!

So here are the winners:

First place – SweatyHeadFred! SHF strung up a super interesting two leather pita variation, and his comment was as good as any paperback novel intro. He put in the time, strung up his traditional pocket, and impressed us. Not bad! SweatyHeadFred gets first choice of the four heads.

Second Place – chilong5! A 13 diamond double trad? Um, ok! It was different, looked a little unruly, and is one of the most original trads we’ve seen in a long time. Well done, chilong5! You get second pick from the four LAS heads.

New Contest!!!!

Here’s the deal, we’re using the exact same rules as last time, with one small change: Instead of a photo, I want to see a YouTube video of YOU, and your FAVORITE traditional head. Tell me why it is your favorite, who strung the stick, and how long you’ve had it. Add in anything else you might think is interesting!

The winner gets a brand new set of all-white Throne Leathers! I use these leathers myself, and can say with certainty that they are the best product on the planet.

If you want to win these Throne Leathers, make a video ASAP, and share the link with us in the comments section! You MUST make a video (LAS name dropping and apparel will help your chances!) to enter you in the running to win a sick set of leathers. Worth it!