Traditional Thursday: Jeremy Thompson Replica


I noticed that Jeremy Thompson was using an interesting one twist pita/traditional variation earlier this Summer in the MLL, and I had to give it a shot and try to figure it out for myself. I think I came pretty close to what JT is pulling off, but I’m not sure. What do you think of my effort?

Here is a Thompson stick photo to which you can compare my effort:

Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan
Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan

Thompson is using less diamonds than I am, but it’s the same concept, right?


  1. i don’t know if it’s just me or the photo or the rain but it looks like the crosslace itself has twists in it. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? It looks good but the whole twisted crosslace thing is realy throwing me off

  2. You have it right, he is running bigger diamonds and he stops early, I have seen a video with his dad explaining the early stop, done right he says it gives a good spot for one handed cradling. I have done this on my sons sticks and have liked the results.