Traditional Thursday: Metrik Ton Of Traditional


LAS Partner, Maverik Lacrosse, was nice enough to hook me up with a couple of their new Metrik heads to string up and I have to be honest… I’m loving how these heads accept a pocket! Whether it’s mesh or leathers, it’s an easy head to string and the Universal face shape is definitely a favorite of mine already. It’s kind of like a perfect bowl of porridge.

I took a couple Metrik heads and put some fancy leather pockets in there. What do you think of my recent work? Can you string all these different types of pockets? Do you have some wacky ideas of your own?

Single String Six Diamond

Iroquois colors, standard stringing style. Came out great! Rolled shooters.

traditional maverik pocket

Single String Six Diamond

I took out old boot lace from a woodie I was fixing up, but I didn’t throw it away. Instead I used it to string up a brand new head. Old bootlace + new head + recycling = awesome.


FoGo Pita Custom Pocket

I reinforce the center track and the two traditional knots up top on either outer leather with double knots. It takes the abuse, and keeps on trucking. Plus it looks nice. Added bonus!


The Perfect Pocket

I’ve been working this one out for a little while in my head, and this week I decided to go for it. I call it the Perfect Pocket because like a standard six diamond, it’s a great pocket with great feel. Unlike the traditional six diamond, this pocket does not shift much, and that makes it consistent and super tough.

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