Traditional Thursday: New Pockets, Reader Questions


This week’s Traditional Thursday focuses on two new pockets I strung up, the Drop Top Traditional and the Double Traditional. I also answer some fantastic reader questions, and keep dropping that tradish knowledge!

Got a question yourself? Or want to submit photos, videos, or your own tips? Hit us up by emailing us at, with “Traditional Thursday” in the subject line!


  1. hey Connor how can I tighten my strings in a pita pocket after I’m all finished to keep the ball from hooking off the scoop?

    I know you asked Connor but I think I know what could help. You want to graduate your shooters so that the top shooter is quite taut, not tight, but taut (quoting Connor on that one). Your next shooter should be about medium tautness, while the bottom one should be pretty loose but still attached to the head well.

    Check out this tutorial that Connor did a while back it helped me avoid this problem:

    Also check out this video and skip to 5:23. Your question is basically answered here as well:

    Hope that helped!