Traditional Thursday: Paracord… WHY?


Why would anyone use Paracord to string a traditional stick?

I strung up a standard 8 diamond traditional pocket in this Maverik Metrik and used Paracord. Then I went to play some wall ball with it. How was it different from a regular traditional pocket? Would I recommend trying Paracord in your next pocket?


– First off, the pocket has a lot more structure than a regular traditional pocket strung with cross lace. The pocket, when new, required no shooting strings, and had a truly smooth release, which I found to be very consistent.

– The structure also seems to take away from the “feel” of a traditional pocket. The ball moves side to side much less, and sits in a single spot much more. This partly explains the consistent throwing mentioned above! I suspect, as the pocket breaks in, that this set up will move more, but it doesn’t move nearly as much as my regular traditional pockets.

IMG_1244 IMG_1243

– The larger traditional interlocks make for a “bumpy” release. Above I said the release was consistent and smooth, so how can it also be bumpy? By virtue of the interlocks’ thickness, the ball touches the leathers less. The travel of the ball is smooth and consistent, but you can feel the ball run against each of the knots as well.

– Initial hold is down. Even with only one shooter, the stick has a bit less hold right off the bat. I would expect that this will change as the netting and leathers break in. Freshly strung and it’s a different world though!

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