Traditional Thursday: Restrung Wooden Lacrosse Stick Shooting


Lee Southren of the NJ Riot tracked me down at the US Lacrosse Convention so he could give me an old wooden lacrosse stick that sitting in his garage collecting dust. He just gave it to me… how cool is that? Anyway, it got restrung right away, and I tried a bizarre cotton cord I had purchased at Home Depot. The cord was solid, and old school to the max, but eventually I tired of it, and wanted to create something loud and proud.

A ten diamond traditional pocket’s worth of cross lace later, I had created this bad boy:

Came out great!

I used goalie leathers from Stick Doctor as my four leather runners. I used the original cat gut sidewall, and was even able to salvage original leather from the pocket to re-attach the cat gut to the wooden wall. I then used about 26 feet of cross lace to string the tight ten-diamond pocket.

While I’m not the most accurate shooter in the entire world (yes, I can admit that), this stick is definitely a sniper. Here’s a short video of me trying to blast some pie tins using the woodie:

In the intro to that video, Mitch Belisle says that “we’ve seen the three professional lacrosse players…” but you’re going to have to wait for that until tomorrow’s Training With Trilogy post! It’s going to be epic, a lot of fun, and all for a great cause! Check back tomorrow for that one