Traditional Thursday: Rise of the Pita


With Connor up in Syracuse prepping his own traditional wand for a game tonight with Team LAS against the Syracuse Stingers, I offered to take over this week’s Traditional Thursday post with a reader’s submission and my own Pita Pocket, which I have been working on a lot lately.

Earlier this week, one of our readers, Andrew, submitted a 12 diamond Pita pocket that he had strung up on a Warrior M80 head. Andrew said that he used a two ball break in technique, with the shooters going down close to the middle of the pocket to make sure the ball comes out quickly – he said this helps to reduce whip.


The nylon at the very top, along with the top shooter, are as tight as possible so that the ball won’t lip and the second and third shooters from the top are medium tight. Finally, the bottom two are as loose as possible. Andrew prefers the barrel shooters over the woven ones to keep them in place.



Nice work Andrew, I’ve honestly never seen someone use five shooters in a mesh or a traditionally-strung head, very curious to see how it throws.

Since my original masterpiece (or just the opposite), I’ve continued to string a few here and there to try and get better at it. Until last November, I was actually on the ‘Pita or die train’, swearing off mesh all spring and summer long. The other night my short attention span got the best of me and I found myself restringing an Under Armour Charge head with some flashy new crosslace.






I’m still playing around with the bottom shooter. If I pull it out, the release is too late and there isn’t enough whip. If I move it down another spot, it’s all sorts of messed up. Mainly, I’m just not a fan of it aesthetically. Any suggestions?

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  1. To get suggestions/thoughts on the stringing, if that’s what you are looking for, I would take “normal” photos of the head. I would define normal photos to be: face, channel, side.

    Taking pictures from different angles doesn’t allow  viewer to actually see what’s going on with the head. While it might look cool or artsy, it doesn’t help someone looking to give suggestions.

    Overall though, I like the article. I am a huge pita fan.

      • I guess I just don’t care for different angled pictures. However I do have a suggestion, but this comes from my preference, which include a higher pocket…so give it a try if you want.

        To me, your second shooter looks too straight. What I mean by that is you start it on the third diamond but go straight across forcing it to be right next to or almost on top of the third shooter. I have 3 straight shooters and a nylon like you, but mine have a slight bend.
        What I would try is this…(I attached a picture to hopefully help explain)
        1) Move your nylon shooter up, above where the leathers are sliced in the middle leathers. 
        2) Move your first shooter (from the top) up to where your nylon is now.
        3) Move your second shooter up where your first shooter is
        4) Slide your bottom shooter  up to where your second shooter is (only in the middle leathers area). This keeps the shooters straight, as U’s don’t belong in trad’s, but they have the slightest bend.
        5) Like the example you have on top, I have my nylon tight (not completely tight..). The tightness depends on personal preference so you’ll have to play with that then slight loosen each one after that. Again you might have to play around with that until your amount of whip and feel is right.

        I find this helps the overall look or aesthetics while also helping performance.