Traditional Thursday: Stanwick Lacrosse Camp

Stanwick Lacrosse Sticks

The Stanwick Lacrosse Camp is run down in Maryland, and we were lucky enough to get photos from the camp from Craig Chase. The early premise of this post focuses on the traditional sticks on display at the camp, but it quickly degenerates into Scott Rodgers doing bicep curls with campers, ice bucket challenges, and other tomfoolery. The big takeaway seems to be that kids are playing a lot, and learning a lot, all while having a good time.

This seems like a really good camp to me!

Stanwick Lacrosse Sticks

Now, I have to ask… were any campers using leather and cross lace? Oh you know they were!

Stanwick Lacrosse Sticks

Stanwick Lacrosse Sticks

Stanwick Lacrosse Sticks

These kids are all future members of the All Traditional College Lacrosse Team!

And now we enter the realm of the bizarre but awesome…

Yes, Summer camp should be about lacrosse, and this one clearly was on many levels, as you can see in the photos above. But camps should also be about cutting loose just a bit and having some fun. It is best when coaches and counselors lead the way. At the Stanwick Lacrosse Camps, this is clearly a point of emphasis. AWESOME.

pull up kid on Make A Gif

It’s also cool when lacrosse celebrities stop by! ECD in the house!

east coast dyes greg mike

This isn’t cool. It’s cold!

icey bath on Make A Gif

And from distance?

distance ice bath on Make A Gif

Well that was awesome. The Stanwick Lacrosse crew clearly took this whole ice bath thing to the next level.

wells on Make A Gif

It’s great to see that instructional camps are still alive and well, and that some of them really make it a fun experience. There are few better ways to fall in love with the game of lacrosse than a good Summer experience. The fact that so many of the coaches are using traditional lacrosse sticks only makes it better.

Well done to the Stanwick crew, and thanks to Craig Chase for sending these photos over! #Tradlove


  1. Would love to see an interview with the elder Stanwick… to hear about how he came to stringing, how they came to the Pita… so many questions. Also, looks like they’re using tennis balls in the first few photos… can anyone confirm? After seeing a video of a session Dave Pietramala talking about tennis balls to work on control (and save goalies) I’ve used them with my U11 team with some success.