Traditional Thursday: Two Leather Pockets


A few weeks back, Connor dropped a Metrik ton of traditional on us. His use of box knots and his variations on some pretty traditional… well traditional pockets, got me thinking about stringing up a new pocket for myself. I just so happened to have a Proton Power laying around so I went about twisting something up.

The Proton Power doesn’t have room for 4 leathers, so like Connor, I got a little creative. I love coils as I feel like they really keep my pocket throwing consistently. A while back I tried an Eagle’s nest pocket and liked the use of crosslace to form diamonds. I put it all together and this is what I ended up with:




I have seen similar pockets in Google image searches (in fact I added the top string simply because I liked how it looked on another pocket), but everyone adds their own twist (pun intended) so this is my take on a two leather trad.

So far I am loving the way it throws and the lack of two leathers makes the weight of the pocket comparable to the mesh I had in it before. What would you do with 2 leathers? Anyone do a pocket with 3? Would there be reason to? Let us know!

Also check out this two leather pocket tutorial from Connor. He didn’t make this one up, Brendan Shook did, but CW’s tutorial shows you how it’s done!


  1. Nice Pocket! That is sick, I did a similar pocket without the coils I had just elongated diamonds where you put coils. Every time I do a pita pocket center track though, I cannot get the leathers very far apart, have any tips about that?

  2. There are a couple of strategies that you can try. First is leaving the center twists fairly loose and then using the other two cross lace sections to pull the leathers apart and the twists tight. The second would be to try Connor’s reinforced pita with the box knots. The box knots won’t move like a typical pita knot so wherever you tie them up/however much slack you leave, it will stay consistent and you will end up with the width you like. You can also always try to put in a roll up top between the two leathers to create space. I will put together a photo set to help with spacing, so check back in a week or so.