Traditional Thursday: Woodie New Pocket


Lee Southren hooked me up with an old box lacrosse stick from the Mohawk Lacrosse Stick Manufacturing Company and since the pocket was a little beat up, I took it out and threw a brand new traditional pocket in there. It came out beautifully, and I played wall ball with it yesterday.

As I said above, this stick was made by the MLSMC, but that is not to be confused with Mohawk International Lacrosse. The two are separate entities. According to wooden stick lover Brad Fitzpatrick, MLSMC stemmed from the Chisolm Lacrosse Stick Manufacturing Company, which at one time was the largest manufacturer of wooden sticks in the world, making upwards of 25,000 per year at some points and employing 75+ people.

This is a later MLSMC stick, and it came from smaller production batches. Their later sticks are often viewed as being of a higher quality. In the 80s you could buy these sticks in hardware stores in Canada, when they were still used in the game quite a bit.

Thanks to Brad for all that info! I definitely learned a thing or two…

Here are some before photos:

And here are the after photos:

I picked up the leathers (they are longer goalie leathers) from StickDoctor. I got the cross lace from Home Depot. It is blended cotton-poly tie down/venetian blind cord.

For more on how I restring woodies, check out the video below, and to check out a Pita Pocket in an old Bacharach Rasin stick, check out Billy Nguyen’s post from today!