Tuesday Lacrosse Video Explosion

stevenson salisbury lacrosse
SU vs SU round three will be epic.

Here is how this works… if your college of choice is creating game film highlights, videos from practice, or mini-documentaries, then I will probably be talking about you in this recurring post.  If you want to be talked about, you simply have to give me something visual to work with.  It’s really that simple!

I got some good submissions sent in this week, and I also found a couple of other videos on my own.  Prepare for the highlight video recap you’ve all been waiting for.

If you missed the Hopkins Vs. Maryland game, you might be crazy.  But JHU has you covered just in case.  Some highlights mixed in with a lot of interviews.  I love that Hop puts this out, but just wish they would show more highlights and add the interview voice over to that.  We want to see action, not sweaty interviewees.  Amiright?

Either way, not many schools support their lacrosse teams the way Johns Hopkins does, and few programs provide this level of fan interaction, and we will ALWAYS love Hop for that!  Keep up the great work Blue Jays.

Oh wait, there ARE full game highlights? Hmm.  This is pretty amazing!

Hop – MD has been going on for YEARS.  Michigan – Ohio State just played their first game.  But it was still pretty epic! Highlights are definitely worth watching!

Salisbury – Stevenson was just as good as either of those games.  Seriously.  Don’t believe me?  Watch the EPIC comeback by Salisbury for yourself:

Sick.  SO MANY Salisbury – Stevenson photos here.

stevenson salisbury lacrosse

Yes, I know 412 already posted this next video, but Sean McQuillan of Illinois State took the time to address this one to me personally, so I had to include it.  Also the video is just REALLY, REALLY good.  Jurassic 5 on the microphone?  Yes.  A number of interesting camera angles?  Yes.  And then you get to the actual game footage and the Illinois State guys nail it again.  It’s a high angle camera, and they use slow-motion nicely.  Overall a great effort on the video, and on the field.


Illinois won the game 12-8 over Illinois State, and it looks like it was a really competitive game.  I love the ISU helmets.  Aggressive restraint.  Very nice.  Good luck to Illinois State as they still have St. Louis and Kansas on the schedule!

Lehigh took on Bucknell and  Lehigh hits us up with the behind the scenes take on the game.  They mix this in with some game highlights nicely, and this definitely looks like it was a tough game for both teams.  Lehigh is pretty clear verbally that they don’t believe in “sets” winning games, but in hustle play between the lines.  With the strong defense Lehigh runs, this comes as no surprise.  The Mountain Hawks have talent and toughness, and could still go far this year.

Alma College beat Calvin College by the score of 4-2, and this game featured a lower level MCLA D2 team Vs. a lower level NCAA D3 team.  And I’m not shocked at how even the game was, both in the score line and on the video.  The game of lacrosse is exploding, and while neither of these teams is especially competitive with the best in their respective divisions just yet, success could be just around the corner.

Alma and Calvin are both in Michigan, and I love that they play each other.  Perhaps Calvin will see how much good lacrosse has done at Alma and they too will add the sport at the varsity level. Calvin, along with a number of other MIAA schools, will make the jump to NCAA D3 next year! It’s like Chapman-Whittier, but in the cold, and if Chapman actually went D3.  We’ll be sure to have more on the MIAA lacrosse growth soon!

Let’s stick with the D3 video for a minute… or a minute and 14 seconds to be more accurate.  Virginia Wesleyan recently dropped their first web video for 2012, and it’s not bad.

The only thing I would say is that they should cut out the “2008 ODAC finalists, 5 All Conference, 1 AA” part.  Just stick with the ONE TEAM message, fellas.  Only a program like Salisbury can list all of their accomplishments and then say ONE TEAM and have it mean something.  VWC has to be one team to win right now.  There is simply no other option.

Right now Virginia Wesleyan sits at 9-5, but they play #3 ranked Lynchburg on April 21st in their regular season finale.  A win there would go a long way towards VWC getting to where they want to, but it will be an uphill battle for the Marlins.

Hopefully, the Lynchburg goalie doesn’t score on Virginia Wesleyan, like he did against Guilford.

Was that on a give and go?  Why yes, yes it was.  Awesome.

Also awesome?  FULL games on Vimeo.  ASU delivers their full game with UNLV.

Merrimack beat AIC 18-8.  I love the way Merrimack provides highlights!  The fact that they’re ranked #6 in NCAA D2 doesn’t hurt either!  Quality AND quantity.  Boom:

The Merrimack Lacrosse guys really are “killing it” all over the place!