Tune In Tuesday: Chris Trapper


It’s Tuesday, the week is out of the gates, and it’s starting to smell like lax season! I hope everyone enjoyed their MLK holiday, whether they had the day off or not. Props to Michael Allen for hitting you with a profound and quality Music Monday to remember Dr. King.

Today, I’m switching gears to introduce another lesser known artist, Chris Trapper. The Boston singer/songwriter is best known for his lead role with the late 90s band The Push Stars but, as I recently discovered, has some gems of his own since they disbanded.

Chris Trapper has been releasing solo albums including his most recent, Technicolor (2013), which features a few of my favorite tracks like “Northwest Sun” and “Accident.” To give you a wider perspective, I’ve also included tracks from his early and middle solo career: “Inside From The Outside” and “Avalanche,” respectively. The last track featured here, “Skin” from 2011, is a sentimental and playful song with which to wind down the evening.

According to his website, Trapper is set to tour his face off this year. The upcoming shows are throughout Pennsylvania, North Carolina and California, so see if you can get out and catch one near you!


“Northwest” [Segment only, but the full version is available on iTunes, Spotify, etc.]

“Inside From The Outside”