Tune In Tuesday: Fresh Aer


Time to tune in – it’s Tuesday which means your second dose of tune juice for the week! I have to say, this one is a real pleasure to post. The Boston duo better known as Aer, which has been killing a chill triad of reggae, rap and rock, has added a milestone to their ‘Fresh Aer Movement’ with the new, self-titled album Aer.

Aer is no newcomer to LAS and Music Mondays. See Michael Allen’s Music Monday: No Gods, and you will find Aer’s single “Won’t Laugh,” which is one of the first tracks on the new album and is also one of my favorites.

This group has continued to impress me with singles, albums, and random YouTube covers that all exemplify their good vibes and musical ability. Not only that, they are touring like mad men over the next several months. They’ll be playing at home in Boston this Friday, followed my multiple New England, Atlantic, and Midwest shows. Hop on their website to find a show near you: http://www.freshaermovement.com

Warning: [Some Explicit Content]

“Spades, Clubs & Diamonds”

“Pretty Lady (Around Me)”

“I’m With It”